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Taming Monsters With Dragons or How to Build Digital Twins The Right Way - Part 1

IB025 | 16:30 - 17:00

In the presentation "Taming Monsters With Dragons or How to Build Digital Twins The Right Way", Robert Karban, an internationally recognized Systems Engineering Expert with experience at NASA JPL, and Istvan Rath, CEO of IncQuery, will talk about the critical role of systems engineering in contemporary industries like aerospace, automotive, and biomedical. As the complexity of systems increases, so do the stakes in ensuring their functionality and reliability, demanding innovative engineering approaches for their development and operation. The duo will discuss the challenges in the current engineering paradigm, especially the trend towards distributed teamwork. This dispersion often leads to organizational silos, creating barriers to collaboration and innovation and posing risks to project success. This necessitates novel engineering approaches, incorporating advanced processes, engineering eco-systems, and data management strategies. A central theme of the presentation is the concept of 'Digital Twins' and 'Digital Threads'. These innovative approaches enable the meaningful connection of people and their work, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration. The presentation aims to inspire future engineers to embrace these cutting-edge techniques for impactful and life-saving advancements. Speaker Robert Karban's presentation is the prequel of Dr. Ráth's presentation on the same topic.

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Robert Karban

Principal Systems Engineer

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